Nash Equilibrium Solver


If you are studying Game Theory - this application is for you.

It can instantly solve any normal form two-player two-strategy game, showing pure and mixed strategy Nash equilibria, weakly and strictly dominant strategies.

It is also a reference, allowing you to quickly load some most popular games and read the story behind them, game analysis and solution.

Change the players payoffs to observe how this affects the equilibria or create your own game by manually editing the payoffs.

Most popular games included


Hand holding a tray with balls

Precision is a highly realistic eye-hand coordination game that will be enjoyed by everyone - from small kids to demanding adults. Get all rolling balls into holes matching the color - by tilting your device.


The game can be played by the whole family due to different difficulty levels available.

Gravity effect is low. Holes only pulls balls with matching color. Hole lock is strong.

Gravity effect is moderate. Holes pulls balls regardless of the color. Hole lock is moderate.

Gravity effect is high. Holes pulls balls regardless of the color. Hole lock is weak.


Precision comes with 10 free levels included. More levels are available as In-App purchase.


Hand holding a tray with balls

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iHypnotist uses 25th frame method to produce powerful suggestive effect and instil positive beliefs and attitudes into your subconsciousness.

Use it for 5-10 minutes before going to sleep, and you will see the result in a couple of weeks!

Simply relax and concentrate on moving metronome, gradually entering light trance. Periodically hidden messages are flashed on the screen. Don't try to read them. They are perceived by subconsciousness directly, bypassing critical mind.

The topics and individual messages are fully customisable. You can add new subjects or edit individual messages.